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Reduction of superbugs

Mankind is global; we have unlimited mobility; we travel globally; we have international contacts professionally as well as privately. We are carriers of bacteria and pathogens but this is quite normal; they live on our skin, in our gut and in our environment. This is vital for life but also hides many health risks.

A global, man-made problem has been created by global contact. Bacteria and pathogens which are harmful to us travel with us, migrate and merge. Multi-resistant pathogens develop creating a complex bacteria problem for medical staff and doctors which is difficult to treat.

Even a slight immune weakness makes us vulnerable. Project leaders Dr. med. Hellmut Münch and Dr. rer. Nat. Uwe Peters from the AMT Association (microbiological therapy) are developing immune support preparations for the MEF. The aim is to protect and promote awareness of local and regional protective measures to reduce pathogens such as the correct washing of hands, UV-C rays against viruses, the reduction of the number of pathogens in air-conditioning etc.

This is an important aspect which we are not allowed to take too far. Bacteria are also our partners! They are present in their billions in our bodies and play a very significant role in the maintenance of our health. Protect welcome bacteria; restrict unwanted pathogens. The future of our health lies in upholding the natural balance.

One focal point is correct hygiene to protect us from illnesses, but an additional point is support for the immune system with micronutrients and enzymes.

The combination of pathogen reduction and individual immune support is by far the best way to protect ourselves from illnesses.


Immunology expert Dr. med. Hellmut Münch says:

Multi-resistant pathogenss are a problem not to be underestimated. Jaguar Land Rover and MEF are tackling it together because we are looking for possibilities to reduce and prevent the health risk factors. JLR is working on the development of a special UV light in its cars which kills pathogens.

Top priority for the MEF is the research and development to maintain a functioning and strong immune system and to develop preparations to support this.

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Jaguar Land Rover and MEF – an alliance for the immune system

Vision Designer-Enzymes

Dr. Hellmut Münch’s vision of the future is genetically produced designer enzymes which can be produced to individually suit the symptoms of each patient and thus increase their chances of recovery.