The Medizinische Enzymforschungsgesellschaft e.V.


The Medizinischen Enzymforschungsgesellschaft e.V. (Medical Enzyme Research Society) is a scientific organisation with its head office in Grassau. It was founded in the 1950s by Karl Ransberger, who invented industrially produced enzyme preparations for research in this complex and promising area. Ransberger transferred leadership of the MEF to Dr. Hellmut Münch just before his death in 2001. By this time, he had already been working with Karl Ransberger in the research of enzymes and the promotion of enzyme therapy for several years.


The current MEF team consists of experienced doctors, scientists and experts from the fields of product development, marketing and event management. We are your first contact globally in any matters concerning enzyme therapy.

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The principal concern of the MEF is to show people with inflammatory, chronic or acute diseases a way to treat their symptoms without any side effects by using enzyme therapy. The research and use of new enzyme / micronutrient complexes should lead to an improvement in the individual usability of enzyme preparations.

With its broad spectrum of training events for therapists and pharmacists, the MEF would like to contribute to further establishing systemic enzyme therapy as a naturopathic therapy. In this way, as many people as possible who suffer from inflammatory diseases should learn of the possibilities of an enzyme therapy.


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